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University of Gadarif
Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences
Semester (1) – Batch (1)
Course Name: Introduction to the Study of Medical Laboratory   Course Code: MLS-111
Credit Hours: 2 (1+2)   Course Duration: 2 weeks
Pre-requisites: None   CoordinatorDr. Yassir Fadl

Justification: Students must Know & define all aspects in the field of medical laboratory sciences, & the general principles specially the administration of medical laboratories. Also, he/she must know the basic laboratory instruments
It is very important for medical laboratory student to have knowledge about medical laboratory science, the system of
administration in medical laboratories, & the instruments which he/she is going to deal with.
Specific Objectives: By the end of this course, the student should be able to:
1. Describe the system of education (study) in the university.
2. Know the history & the improvement in the medical laboratory field.
3. Describe the structure of medical laboratory in Sudan & the rules that regulate the work.
5. Define the general definition of administration & its objectives.
6. Define the definition of the administration (management) of medical laboratories.
7. Discus how to deal with data by using computers & other modern communication methods.
8. Discus the structure system of employment & the budget of the laboratory.
9. Discus the role of the medical laboratory in the epidemic situations.
10. Discus the general principles of safety in medical laboratory.
11. Know the basic laboratory instruments.
12. Discus how to make periodic table for the maintenance of the instruments.

Lecture Discussions:
Date Lecture Title Tutor Time
Mon 3/10/16 Welcoming session + System of study in the University and Faculty Dr. Yassir Fadl 9:00-11:00
Academic regulations, Bylaws and Students’ evaluation Dr. Hanan A. Allah 11:30-1:30
Tue History of medical laboratories in Sudan Dr. Osama Elsharief 9:00-11:00
  The general structure of medical laboratories & the rules that regulate the work. Dr. Rabie Ali 11:30-1:30
Wen 5/10 The role of medical laboratory doctors & the teamwork. Dr. Nugd Allah A. Alrahman 9:00-11:00
The principles of general administration. Utz. TagelsirMustafa 11:30-1:30
Thru 6/10 The principles of administration in medical laboratories. Utz. Sara Alsoul 9:00-11:00
The role of computers in medical laboratories field. Dr. Yassir Fadl 11:30-1:30
Sun 9/10 Medical laboratory: Structure system & budget. Utz. Hussein Mugadam 9:00-11:00
The role of medical laboratories in the epidemic situations. Dr. Himida Gorashi 11:30-1:30
Mon 10/10 The basic laboratory instruments. Utz. Nuha Hassan 9:00-11:00
Introduction to the maintenance of laboratory instruments (daily & periodically). Utz. Sara Ahmed 11:30-1:30

Practical Session/Visits:
NO Practical Session/Visit Date Time/Duration
1 Visit: The store of medical laboratory (Faculties of Med Lab Sci. & Medicine) Tue 11/10 9:00-11:00
2 Visit: Blood Bank 12:00-2:00
3 Visit: Civil Defense Wen 12/10 9:00-11:00
4 Basic instruments in medical laboratory. 12:00-2:00
5 Glassware used in the medical laboratory. Thru 13/10 9:00-10:00
6 زيارة الي صوامع الغلال - القضارف 11:00-2:00
7 Exam Sat 15/10 9:00-11:00
8 The exhibition. Sun 16/10 9:00-5:00
  المقرر التالي في الفصل الدراسي الأول:

Laboratory Safety & Profession’s Ethics (سلامة المعامل وأخلاقيات المهنة )
Mon 17/10 9:00
Dr. Yassir Fadl Abubakar
General Coordinator of the course